H.I.S. Painting Services, Inc.
C A L L    F O R    A    F R E E    E S T I M A T E
(941) 921-4283
e-mail hispainting@aol.com
5306 Ashton Court
Sarasota, FL 34233
R E S I D E N T I A L    &    C O M M E R C I A L    P A I N T I N G    P R O F E S S I O N A L S
Serving Only the Finest Homes and Businesses Since 1986
H.I.S. Painting Services, Inc. is a full-service painting contractor, proudly serving the Sarasota area for more than 26 years. We have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects in that time, and are committed to quality workmanship for a fair price with a full guarantee. Our reputation has been built on our customers' satisfaction.
Whether your home needs an update inside or out, or your office needs a touch of color, we are the team you need to create the look you want at a competitive price. We provide complete, unparalleled service, from prep work to trim finishing. Our painters have the professional skills necessary to efficiently complete your project on time, and within budget.
Since 1986, H.I.S. Painting Services has offered a higher class of painting expertise, providing first-rate customer service and exceptional handiwork to area residents and business owners.
Experience and Knowledge
Our painters are licensed and insured, and stay up-to-date with the latest tools and paints available on the market, using only high-quality paints suitable for your particular project. Whether indoors or out, we understand how our products work in these environments to afford your project the lasting beauty and sustainability you desire.
Organization Is Key
H.I.S. Painting Services is a highly organized group of painters, designers and support staff, working towards the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We are communicative, prompt and efficient, from the design stage through the cleanup process. Our professionalism shines through our organization, which leads to a faster project finish, a greater amount of customer satisfaction, and a job well done.
Our mission at H.I.S. Painting Services is to service your painting needs with master painters, quality supplies, and dedicated customer service. Call us today at (941) 921-4283 for a free, no-obligation estimate on your next project.
Interior & Exterior Painting

We are certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting activities. At the customer's request, we use environmentally friendly products.

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